Gift Certificate

Not sure what you want right now, or want to give something to a friend?

Get some Fogcash!

Fogcash is available and can be redeemed for priority bookings in future classes, private instruction, shop rental, merch, schwag, prints - whatever you want on our website!

Right now, only $50 and $75 Certificates are available, and they are labeled for 101 and Multi Color Garment classes. The credit is redeemable for anything, just classes is what people have been asking about ;)

Plus, certificate holders will be the first ones contacted when we release new items in the store (and there are 7 years of print demos that will slowly be making it to the store in the coming months!).

Buy now, print later!

We can make any Fogcash amount available to you, email us is you would like a different amount for a gift!

***Fogcash is not redeemable as cash at any location other than
It can be used as a gift card when purchasing items, or to attend classes or events via Fogland Studios.

It is only transferable at the sole discretion of Fogland Studios,, Independence Printage Corp. and our affiliates.

That's the legal, but we're pretty flexible. Contact us at with any questions.

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